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Celebration of Vishwaguruji’s birthday in Střílky Ashram, Czechia

Hundreds of bhaktas gathered to celebrate the birthday of Gurudev Vishwaguruji’s birthday on Sunday 13 August 2023, in the 6th week of the annual Yoga in Daily Life Summer Seminar at Mahaprabhudip Ashram, in Střílky, Czech Republic. (Vishwaguruji's birthday is on 15 August according to Sun calendar and 19 August according to Vedic moon calendar for 2023)

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Gurupurnima satsangs with Vishwaguruji in India and in Europe

Recognising the longing of his disciples to be with him and have darshan and satsang on Gurupurnima, Vishwaguruji gave Gurupurnima satsang in India at Om Ashram in Jadan and in Europe at Mahaprabhudip Ashram in Strilky, Czechia. Love and devotion have no language, nationality or gender, pure bhakti is always the same and divine.

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Vishwaguruji in Haridwar, Rishikesh and Kedarnath

A visit to Kedarnath was the highlight of a two-week stay at the gates of the Himalayas.

18 June 2023  Vishwaguru Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwaranandaji spent the beginning of his Gurupurnima summer stay in Haridwar, one of the holiest places of India, where the Kumbha Mela takes place every 12 years. Before going to Rajasthan, he visited holy Kedarnath in the Himalayas.

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