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Vishwaguruji's satsangs in Slovenia

29 - 31 March 2024 – Slovenska vas, Slovenia

After the golden days of the Grand Opening of OM Ashram in India, Vishwaguru Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda Ji travelled to Europe, where he gave many programs and satsangs for his students, in several different countries. 

After a few days in Vienna and a weekend in Strilky Mahaprabhu Dip Ashram in Czech Republic, he spent a weekend at the yoga centre in Slovenska vas in Slovenia, to the great joy of people in this part of Europe and devotees from all over Slovenia and Croatia.

Evening satsangs were enriched with various programs and above all filled with bhakti, the highest form of love, the love of disciples towards their spiritual teacher and God.

Bhakti Devi, the popular dancer from Austria, enriched the satsang with her performance of Bharatnatyam dance for two nights in a row. On the last night, Vishwaguruji's disciple, the famous Slovenian musician, Rok Terkaj, together with the great Yoga in Daily Life bhajan group, sang a modern performance of traditional bhajans (spiritual songs) as well as the famous Slovenian song 'Dan ljubezni' (Day of love), with lyrics that best describe the atmosphere of three-day program in Slovenia and the very essence of meaning of the satsang:

"This was your day of love

A most beautiful day, that never ends

The world lives for a day of love..."

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