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Installation of golden flag and last two Kalashs on the main temple

On 16 February, the fifth golden Kalash was lifted onto the big Samran (the temple dome above Holy Guruji's Samadhi) and the largest Kalash dedicated by Vishwaguruji, was installed on the Sikhar (top of the Shiva Lingam Mandir), together with the Dayadanda (golden flag) on 17 February. 

An orange flag on a building indicates that it is a holy place, an ashram, where everyone can come and do something for themselves, immerse themselves in the spiritual atmosphere, meet the guru, have satsang and darshan and do seva (selfless service for all). As Sri Mahaprabhuji beautifully said in his bhajan:


Praise to the orange flag,
Symbol of renunciation, truth and eternity,
Happy are those who stay in its shadow.
Those who are ignorant miss this great discovery,
My Master, Paramyogeshwar Sri Devpuriji,
Revealed this Supreme Knowledge to me!
Swami Deep is the messenger of his Satguru.