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Prana Pratishtha begins at OM Ashram

The first day of ten days of traditional ceremonies has started the process of Prana Pratishtha , which will culminate in the Grand Opening on 19 February to consecrate the magnificent OM Ashram Temple Complex.

As well as the rituals, mantras and prayers which accompany such an event, the real source of spiritual energy instilled into the stone structure of the building giving it living energy, comes from Gurudev Vishwaguruji establishing a direct link to the Divine.

This connection is further strengthened through all of the people who have put their hard work and devotion into designing, building, decorating, cleaning and preparing, as well as giving their respects and intentions for the OM Ashram with their presence right now at these events and in the years to come, by attending programmes and taking care of the Ashram, on a continual basis.

This is called Prana Pratishtha – injecting the divine life force into a man-made structure to give it such a constant spiritual energy which then radiates forever.

Day One

The first day of opening ceremonies began very peacefully with the usual morning routine of arati (prayers) in the Bhakti Sagar meditation hall, followed by chanting from the Bhagavad Gita and silent meditation in the hall and in the Shiva Mandir (temple), and personal sadhana (yoga practices) in the outdoor Satsang Hall.

In this peaceful atmosphere, a beautiful sunrise appeared in a clear sky over OM Ashram, which instigated distant drums and horns to sound, welcoming this auspicious day and foretelling the rich and colourful Rajasthani celebratory mantras, music, song and dance that were to come.

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The first of the day’s special rituals was the Kalash procession carrying the altar flame from the Shiva Mandir first to Holy Guruji’s samadhi  place, then to the OM Ashram Yagyashala (place for sacred fire ceremonies). The procession included 108 women from local villages and from around the world, carrying adorned kalash (pots), led by pandits chanting mantras, with drums and horns announcing their journey.

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After this, the group of international bhaktas gathered with Vishwaguruji in Bhakti Sagar, immersed in the love and glory of the occasion and feeling very blessed and fortunate to be taking part in this special day, under the protective umbrella of Mahaprabhuji and the whole Sri Alakhpuruji Siddha Peeth Parampara.

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Another procession followed, this time the group first walked from OM Ashram to the nearby Jadan village, assembling with many local people on the outskirts of the town. From there, the formal procession began with highly decorated tractor ‘chariots’ and many colourful dancers and musicians, heralding the great event.

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The procession of chariots was led by the Shiva Mahapurana Katha – the Holy book of scriptures, contained in an ornately carved box, from which slokas (verses) will be recited every day during the opening ceremonies.

Then each chariot which followed the Katha, conveyed His Holiness Vishwagur Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda Ji as well as all the revered Mahamandaleshwars and Swami Avatarpuriji, through the streets of Jadan and along the highway to the grand entrance gates of OM Ashram.

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Thousands of people lined the streets and took part in the procession in the warm sunshine, thrilled to be able to join in the joyous festivities.

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Upon arriving through the gates, Vishwaguruji first paid his respects and gave thanks to Holy Guruji at the Samadhi, while the bhaktas gathered in the large Katha Hall pavilion beside the OM Ashram, ready to listen to the first reading from the Shiva Mahapuran once the esteemed Mahamandaleshwars, swamis and sadhus were assembled on the stage.

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The day ended with a beautiful evening satsang, held at the usual Satsang Hall, nearer to the original ashram facilities.