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Vishwaguruji in Slovenia

8 – 10 December 2023

Vishwaguruji visited the town of Slovenska Vas in Slovenia.

As Sri Mahaprabhuji wrote in the popular bhajan, HAMẼ HĒ KĀMA SATSAṄGA SE, JAGATA BAKE TO BAKANE DE – My vocation, my love, is satsang and whatever people say let them say – so Vishwaguruji has devoted his life to teaching and sharing satsangs.

Every encounter, every moment with an enlightened person is a satsang but special moments are the big satsangs with many people.

After a weekend seminar in Mahaprabhu Dip Ashram in Strilky, Czech Republic at the beginning of December, and satsangs in Guruji Ashram in Vienna, Slovenia also received the blessing of satsang. In the quiet little town of Slovenska Vas, which is right on the border with Croatia, students from all over Slovenia and Croatia gathered to have darshan with their teacher. In three days of satsang with bhajans, prayer, lectures and darshan, the happiness of meeting again with Gurudev and with guru brothers and sisters was immeasurable.

In addition to the regular program, Saturday also included a children's program, where the youngest showed their love for yoga and enviable knowledge, singing spiritual songs and chanting mantras. They deserved a small gift to remember the satsang so, on this occasion, mantra diksha, initiation for new students, was also organised.

A special weekend for this part of Europe passed in great joy, with a shared desire to repeat it as soon as possible.

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