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2023 Summer Retreat with Vishwaguruji continues in Vep, Hungary

This year, yogis in Europe had the special opportunity to be with Vishwaguruji and enjoy a variety of yoga programs almost all summer long. After a six-week retreat at Mahaprabhudip Ashram, in Střílky, the summer seminars moved to Vep in Hungary.

The shade of the beautiful old trees welcomed the participants in Vep as well. It is a special atmosphere to practise and have satsangs and darshan under such trees, the energy of nature is precious and cannot be compared with anything else.

Participants, full of impressions and renewed energy, are returning to their homes now, they will take with them peace, wisdom and the light of knowledge to share with others and their surroundings. Vishwaguruji continues moving and giving his selfless service to all, with his next programs in Croatia.

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