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Indian PM Modi's mother left this world

30 December 2022 - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mother, Heeraben Modi, died in the early hours of this morning at the age of 99.

Matri Devo Bhava – mother is God, mother is the first Guru. While celebrating great people and saints, we also celebrate the mothers who brought them into this world and raised them.

Mother is called “Dhatri” because she carries her children in her womb, “Janani” because she is the cause of their birth, “Amma” because she nurses their limbs, and “Sura” because she looks after her children.

To Prime Minister Modi's great mother, we wish an easy journey to the light, that her Atma may merge with Brahman as easily as a river becomes an ocean.

Narendra Modi meets his mother after winning the 2014 elections