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Australian tour continues to Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

The second half of September was reserved for another four Australian Yoga in Daily Life centres. Devotees from Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast welcomed Vishwaguruji with immense happiness for having darshan again, after few years break.


2022 09 Sydney programIMG 20220915 WA0041


After two and a half years, devotees were blessed to welcome Vishwaguruji to Queensland again. Over thirty disciples, and many more students, gathered in Brisbane to spend divine days in the presence of Vishwaguruji. His constant physical presence uplifted and transformed everyone.

As soon as he arrived in Brisbane on Monday 19 September, a big karma yoga project started, to reorganise the garden of the Shiva Temple and build an extension to the roof nearby. Vishwaguruji tirelessly instructed the group of karma yogis (volunteers) and spent most of the day outside in the garden.

As Gurudev says, there are two important things on the spiritual path: with karma yoga (selfless service) we clean the obstacles on the path and with our sadhana (practice) we proceed further. Bhaktas in Brisbane definitely got the chance to work on themselves, while cleaning up the garden and rebuilding it to a more beautiful, clean Shivbagh (garden of Shiva), which will also be suitable for future outdoor events.

After a long day of much activity, in the evenings before the satsangs, the garden transformed into a sanctuary, with Vishwaguruji sitting in the Shiva Temple and a bonfire giving us warmth and a divine atmosphere.

In the satsangs, Vishwaguruji emphasized the importance of Satsang. Sat is the truth and purity and Sanga is when we are all together, regardless of our background, nationality, etc., we are all one in our heart. The Ashram hall was filled with the divine resonance of bhajans (spiritual songs).

Vishwaguruji also held morning workshops, where we practised relaxation, Bari Khatu Pranam and self-healing techniques.

Vishwaguruji touched the heart of many students and eleven of them received the sacred mantra diksha and started a new life on their spiritual journey.

Brisbane Ashram TempleBrisbane Ashram Shiva Temple 1Brisbane Ashram Shiva Temple 3Brisbane ashram 1Brisbane ashram 2


On Monday 26 September, Vishwaguruji visited the Yoga in Daily Life centre on the Gold Coast. Following such an intense schedule around the country, all were happy for the opportunity to just sit in the presence of Gurudev and enjoy being in his company before the evening program.

Later in the day, Vishwaguruji and the group of devotees walked around the ashram, which is surrounded by nature. A neem tree (Azadirachta indica) grows there, planted four years ago in honour of Vishwaguruji's first visit and this time he explained the benefits of neem leaves, used widely as a natural medicine and cleanser in India.  We also had a chance to admire the magnificent trees and Australian bush situated in the Regional Park, adjacent to the grounds. 

The evening program was a great success, with full attendance for the lecture. Vishwaguruji elaborated on techniques to help us understand our human and spiritual nature.
After dinner, Vishwaguruji answered questions and talked to the attendees throughout the night.

2022 09 GoldCoast


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