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Summer retreat in Rijeka, Croatia

August 2022 – For the last week of August, before travelling to India, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, Vishwaguruji spent some time at the Yoga in Daily Life Centre in Rijeka.

A wonderful week in the Dharma Hostel and the Yoga in Daily Life Cultural Hall, with yoga practice, satsangs and lectures, socialising, and enjoying the nature of the Adriatic Coast, rounded off the end of the summer seminars in Europe.

The advanced techniques taught by Vishwaguru Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwaranandaji at the summer seminars in the Czech Republic and Hungary were continued in Rijeka, to the great joy of participants.

In addition to satsangs and lectures, Vishwaguruji's arrival in Rijeka was, as always, accompanied by meetings that indicated further cooperation between the City of Rijeka and experts on programs for the benefit of the citizens of that city and beyond.

Local media also followed the seminar with great interest, and everyone who came to the Rijeka YIDL Centre, whether for a few hours or a whole week, went home with a full heart and Gurudev's blessing. In the presence of the light of consciousness that the saint radiates wherever he goes, all darkness and fear naturally disappear.

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