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Vishwaguruji in Croatia – June 2021

Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwaranandaji visited Croatia from 4-14 June 2021.

Upon returning to Europe from India, Vishwaguruji's first stop was Croatia, to the great joy for all of Croatians. In these challenging times, his visit elevated everyone who could come to the satsang (satsang means 'meeting with the truth'), and the words of spirituality and wisdom of yoga are always a balm for all who are lucky enough to hear them.

Vishwaguruji visited for the first time and stayed for more than a week in Sri Alakhpuriji Ashram and Shiva Mandir in the heart of Croatia, in the small town of Rastovac Budački near Karlovac. In the spiritual atmosphere of the ashram, immersed in the beautiful untouched nature and silence, peace of mind comes naturally, and the clean air and prana of such a place are healing. That is why Vishwaguruji invited everyone to take this opportunity and come for at least a few days and enjoy yoga, meditation and pranayama.

When opening the new ashram, he also gave clear guidance and instructions for its future. As usual, when the Guru comes to his ashram, the whole environment comes to life with his energy, everything changes. So in those eight days, the wall of the estate was renovated and a new, outdoor kitchen was built and fully equipped for cooking.  

Under the shade of centuries-old apple and pear trees, next to Vishwaguruji's hut, many beautiful satsangs were held for local Croatians and visitors from neighbouring countries, and a special blessing was the beautiful weather, even while it was raining everywhere else around. It was a special blessing because the hall of the new ashram still has a grassy floor and sky instead of a roof.

Grateful for all the blessings, enjoying the presence of the Vishwaguruji, life regained the scent of normalcy and goodness. The several-days-long great satsang ended with a common desire for Vishwaguruji to come to his new ashram as often as possible.

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On his way to Rijeka, Vishwaguruji visited the peace tree in Karlovac.

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After Sri Alakhpuriji Ashram, Vishwaguruji visited another beautiful Croatian ashram in Rijeka. Darshan and satsangs restored the light of spirituality here as well, and the meeting of old friends after a long time caused great happiness. This time, Vishwaguruji received a special visit from the Deputy Mayor of Rijeka, Mrs. Sandra Krpan.


On his way to Slovenia, Vishwaguruji stopped in Samobor, a small town near Zagreb, where he visited and blessed the Tree Alley of Yoga in Daily Life that he planted during his last stay in Croatia.

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