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Eternal Journey of the Soul in Sydney

14 - 17 February 2020

Vishwaguruji was warmly greeted at the airport by Mahamandaleshwar Swami Jasrajpuri, Swami Lakshmanpuri and bhaktas from all around Sydney on Friday 14 February.

The following evening at Merrylands Ashram, Vishwaguruji was officially welcomed to satsang with divine songs and introduced to new guests by Mahamandaleshwar Swami Jasrajpuri. Vishwaguruji proceeded to speak, and over the coming days, he spoke about many topics such as the meaning of bhajans, the different Gurus or teachers in a human’s life, and the koshas.

One of the bhajans that Vishwaguruji translated beautifully was Itna To Karna Guruji. He gave an in-depth meaning of vrittis and their power, both negative and positive, and he highlighted how we are all here but our mind is usually somewhere else.

We listened to beautiful lectures on the principle Nada Rupa Parabrahma (sound vibration is the form of the Divine) and how resonance influences our lives. Attendees at the program gratefully received a new technique for chanting AUM to purify and refine one's energy.

Overall, everyone enjoyed a deeply heartfelt divine spiritual feast with Vishwaguruji on the Science of Yoga, more knowledge about the Yoga in Daily Life parampara (lineage), and the ancient Vedas (scriptures).