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Vishwaguruji's Australian tour begins in Perth

Vishwaguruji arrived in Australia on 12 February and was greeted by bhaktas from all around Western Australia, some of whom had not had the chance to greet him for up to 10 years.

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The morning lecture drew a wide variety of people who wanted to find out more about yoga from an authentic, ancient tradition. Vishwaguruji gave an in-depth speech about the koshas and the importance of paying attention to prana within our yoga practice. Vishwaguruji also showed the attendees how to strengthen prana through yoga practice.

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One invited guest, an 8th Dan Master from the Kidokwan Taekwondo lineage, noted that yoga has many similar objectives and philosophy to their martial arts training. 

After the lecture, Vishwaguruji went with his disciples to a beautiful beach where he led practice of Sarva Hitta Asanas. An aboriginal elder warmly welcomed Vishwaguruji with a gift of hand-made clapping sticks and the evening was then spent in satsang.

At the evening satsang and prayer, Vishwaguruji emphasized the importance of surrendering our deeds to Gurudev through morning and evening prayers.

Although the visit was only 48 hours, there was enough time for Vishwaguruji to distribute Mahaprabhuji’s rich blessings to all.