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Vishwaguruji leads weekend programs in Slovakia

The Slovakian city of Martin was blessed by the visit of Vishwaguruji Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, during the weekend of 15-17 November 2019. His Holiness opened a new ashram and led an international yoga seminar, where the nectar of wisdom was showered upon participants through his insightful lectures.

One of the main topics was 'Care for the elderly with Yoga in Daily Life'. Vishwaguruji emphasized how important is to take care of our elderly members of society, that they need loving attention and guidance, so they can maintain their health and quality of life. Vishwaguruji led a yoga session of asanas and pranayama techniques adapted for seniors sitting in chairs and he expressed his wish that every YIDL center should have free lessons for seniors.

seminarpractising bari khatu pranam

The main event of the weekend program was the inauguration of a new Yoga in Daily Life Ashram in Martin. The beautiful new ashram was bathed in a friendly, harmonious and joyful atmosphere, created by Vishwaguruji, his devotees and local practitioners of the Yoga in Daily Life System.

The weekend program ended with the planting of a Peace Tree in front of the ashram, symbolizing world peace and a healthy ecology – and the inner strength to strive for these.

opening ceremonyopening ceremony 2opening ceremony 3opening ceremony of the ashrampeace tree plantinginterview in front of the ashram and peace tree

On Monday 18 November, Vishwaguruji visited Poprad, a town at the foot of the famous Slovakian High Tatra mountains, and gave a public lecture at the Hotel Poprad in the evening. In the lecture, Vishwaguruji spoke about the importance of leading a healthy and ethical way of life. He emphasized how rare the human life is among all creatures, as only one from 8.4 million, and that people ought to be aware that their duty is to be a protector of all creation and not a destroyer. When people do not follow divine principles, they lose their way and become ill. People have destroyed their health through their behaviour and humans keep destroying themselves and the environment with chemical pesticides, GMO and procedures that ruin the seeds.

Vishwaguruji recommended having quality food, an organic/bio diet, with less eating and more exercise, such as swimming, walking, yoga etc. to remain healthy and to regain energy. But for remaining healthy, not only is diet important but also society. Negative company brings down our thoughts, so that is why it is very important to be in good company that will help our mind.

The program in Poprad finished with a satsang in the local Yoga in Daily Life Center.

Satsang in ashram in Poprad

The company of a truly realized master uplifted everyone's mind, illuminating all with spiritual light. Satsang is the most precious gift, the highest blessing, and this can be realized only through a human body.