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Vishwaguruji's programs in India - January 2019

Besides attending the Kumbha Mela in Prayag, Vishwaguruji has started this year with many events, meetings, inspiring satsangs and various celebrations in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Here are just some fragments from his busy schedule during January...

Satsang with bhaktas in Surat (Gujarat State), where many disciples and bhaktas of Paramhans Sri Swami Madhavanandaji - Holy Guruji - are living.

Surat 1 Surat 4 Surat 3 Surat 2

Vishwaguruji's visit to any place is filled with love and care for the people and devotees of that place. It was the same during his visit to Ahmedabad, where a huge evening satsang was organized.

Ahmadabad 4 Ahmadabad 3 Ahmadabad 1 Ahmadabad 2

At the International Conference 'Mankind at Crossroads: Challenges and Solutions', in Pali, Rajasthan, Vishwaguruji was warmly welcomed as Guest of Honor. 

Pali 1 Pali 2 Pali 3 IMG 9567 Pali 4

Foundation stone ceremony at Sri Alakhpuriji Siddha Peeth Khatu Ashram for Sri Hanumanji and Sri Ganeshji Murtis (statues).

IMG 9582 IMG 9596 IMG 9597 IMG 9611

Sajooli is a village near Bhari Khatu in Rajasthan, where Sri Devpuriji, Sri Mahaprabhuji and Holy Guruji held satsang many times. It was Vishwaguruji's first visit to the village, so all bhaktas were very happy - they reminisced and showed Vishwaguruji all the places where Sri Devpuriji, Sri Mahaprabhuji and Holy Guruji had been.

IMG 9629 IMG 9626IMG 9632 IMG 9641

Satsang and inauguration of Sri Shyam Baba Murti in Sujangat village, with Paramhans Swami Kanpuriji.

IMG 9760 IMG 9762IMG 9797 50540363 451101865427026 5681195577358942208 n IMG 9800IMG 9837 50524873 317784552184600 799315425492992000 n50437956 386135875468572 6380705244317220864 n IMG 9880