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Gurupurnima celebration in Vép, Hungary

Several hundred people are participating in the Summer Yoga Seminar, and on 30 June 2018, more than a thousand devotees arrived at Vép from many parts of the world, to celebrate the special occasion of Gurupurnima and enjoy Vishwaguruji's darshan and blessing.

This year there are thirteen lunar months, so there are two Gurupurnima constellations. The first one in June was celebrated with Vishwaguruji in Europe, the second, in July will be with him in India.

Guru is the principle that leads one from the darkness of the ignorance into the light of knowledge; from mortality to immortality. Therefore, for spiritual seekers and aspirants, Gurupurnima is the greatest celebration of the year. On this occasion, the devotees or disciples make a pilgrimage to meet their guru, to enjoy darshan, and to be in the company of other spiritual seekers, fellow disciples, at the divine satsang.

On the day of the Gurupurnima, the disciple makes a resolve, a sankalpa, and she/he works to realize it during the coming spiritual year and asks for the Guru’s blessing, which helps to realize this aim.

2018 vep gurupurnima 4 2018 vep gurupurnima 3

Vishwaguruji held two Gurupurma Satsangs on this day, so that everyone could have a personal encounter with him. Each word of the satsang is as precious as a gem, so the satsang is like diamond rain.

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We also remember Valmiki Rishi on the occasion of Gurupurnima. Vishwaguruji commemorated this great saint who was the first to write down the holy scripture, the Ramayana, in the Sanskrit language – even before Rama's incarnation, for he was trikaldarshi, a seer of past, present and future.

Vishwaguruji said at the satsang that the guru protects and loves his disciples as a parent loves their children. He pointed out that we need to set clear aims in our lives to be successful. If we get married, we should work for the family, for our partner and children, for the future generations. If someone chooses the way of renunciation, then the whole world is their family, they are working for everyone, and everyone has a place in their heart. But it is not good if someone hangs between the two paths, or gets stuck between the two. However, by any means, it is important to be aware of the value of the human life. According to the cosmic law of karma, all our actions will sooner or later have consequences. Human life is very precious because in this life form we have the tools to create good karma by our good deeds and good words, and to free ourselves from the cycle of death and rebirth.

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Vishwaguruji explained that only that kind of science provides real knowledge when heart and brain work together, and not the dry intellectual knowledge. As yoga is a practical way, Vishwaguruji demonstrated this principle in practice, with a detailed explanation of AUM's reverberation when the sound, the vibration, creates unity between the various energy centres, or chakras, in the body. In order to understand the functions of the powers hidden in our body and ultimately to manage these powers, it is necessary to know the 10 indriyas, 5 koshas, 4 antahkaranas, and the 8 main chakras.

Vishwaguruji also explained that similar to a tree, which is nourished by its roots, our path also has strong roots and that root is the Guru Parampara, the living chain of the Masters. Following the Parampara chain, we reach Satyayuga, the Golden Age, through Holi Guruji, Mahaprabhuji, Devpuriji and finally Alakhpuriji.

On the Gurupurnima day, according to ancient traditions, we greet our Master, Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji and the sannyasins, those disciples who devote their lives to spiritual development and to the support of Vishwaguruji's work.

Now the new Gurupurnima year has begun, on the path of Self-realization.