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Vép, Hungary, 16 - 18 March 2018

Right after one of Hungary’s national holidays, a Weekend Seminar with Vishwaguru Maheshwaranandaji took place in Vép, Hungary.

The weather was clear for the earlier local commemorations, then winter took over again for the weekend. However, His Holiness Vishwaguru Maheshwaranandaji brought the ‘spiritual Spring’ and showered the wisdom of Sri Alakhpuriji Siddhapeeth Parampara onto the large gathering of international participants.

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“Great saints warned the sadhakas (practitioners and spiritual aspirants) of the influence of ego,” said Vishwaguruji. “It can appear in the form of worldly knowledge and in many other ways, such as pride of: ancestors, physical strength, beauty, wealth and so on. To deal with your inner egoistic tendencies, you should listen to the words and hints of the spiritual Master, who can guide you out from the trap of ego and selfishness.”

As Satgurudev Sri Swami Madhavanandaji writes in Lila Amrit: “There are eight manifestations of mental alcohol which blind the intellect.” Read More

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His Holiness Vishwaguruji spoke about awakening the spiritual heart, Every time you meditate it should touch your heart. As is written in the bhajan, Sri Deep niranjan sabha dukha bhanjan, it opens the lotus of the heart and purifies the negative tendencies.”

The other way of opening the heart is listening to the words of the Master at satsang. “Satsang has a great effect on you. It purifies the inner qualities, but the hidden fears within you lead back to impurities. It affects the body, especially the thyroid gland where the bitter experiences of life get stuck. When such things are swallowed they can attack your liver. In this way, you become involved in physical problems based on mental or emotional conflicts.”

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For purification after mental stress, Vishwaguruji taught the participants the special techniques of Brahmari Pranayama and resonant chanting of the sacred syllable AUM.

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The Weekend Seminar contained, as always, regular sessions of yoga sadhana the physical practice of asanas, relaxation, pranayama breath exercises, and meditation.

Swami Umapuri and Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivekpuri led the morning practice, and Swami Vivekpuri also gave a lecture on family and bringing up children in a healthy and supportive spiritual environment.


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