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World Peace Tour 2018 - New Zealand

February 2018

New Zealand was blessed by a week-long visit from His Holiness Vishwaguruji, who spent the seven days among all three ashrams on the North Island - Auckland, Raumati Beach and the capital, Wellington.

All three cities had the same topic for this year's tour: “Yoga for Stress Management”.

Vishwaguruji spent the first three days in Auckland, giving theoretical and practical lectures/satsangs about how to manage everyday stress through using simple yogic techniques. Especially interesting, and new for many people, was the Brahmari Pranayama technique and OM chanting, and it was suggested by Vishwaguruji to practice on a daily basis, not just for stress management, but to prevent certain health problems.

2 3DSC01438 DSC01498

After Auckland, Vishwaguruji was welcomed in Raumati Beach at the Sri Devpuriji Ashram and gave two evening satsangs explaining the origin of Yoga and many principles of the Universe. He also clarified what the roots of stress are and how to deal with the effects of stress, again with Brahmari Pranayama and chanting mantras. Vishwaguruji emphasized the importance of positive thinking and discipline, inspiring people to practice daily at least 1.5 hours in the mornings, in order to reap the best benefits of what yoga has to offer.

DSC01630 DSC01770

Last stop was Wellington, where Vishwaguruji led many wonderful evening and morning programs. Especially welcomed was the morning Yoga Class for Seniors at the ashram, where students had the chance to ask questions and were given a very practical session with simple asanas and pranayama to practice further at home.

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Vishwaguruji left New Zealand on Monday 5th February and continued his journey to the islands of Fiji, with many bhaktas from New Zealand, Australia and Europe joining him there.