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Vishwaguruji's Satsang Tour

October 2017 -  alongside daily satsangs with visiting western disciples and local bhaktas, and working with managers and builders of Indian Yoga in Daily Life ashrams , Vishwaguruji has embarked on a small Satsang tour to villages in the region around Jadan Ashram.

Meeting with the saint - darshan and satsang with him are auspicious, rare and joyous moments for all.

Program in Rani, Rajasthan

Rani 2 Rani 9

Bhajan Sandhya in Rajpur, Rajasthan

Rajpur 13 Rajpur 40

Shivam, Rajasthan

Shivam 3 Shivam 1

Phulana, Rajasthan

Fulana 40 Fulana 42 Fulana 25 Fulana 17