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5 week European Summer Retreat with Vishwaguruji starts in Vep

With great enthusiasm, the European students welcome another Yoga in Daily Life Summer Retreat with Vishwaguruji.

For decades, summer programs have attracted a large number of spiritual aspirants, beginners, advanced practitioners in the Kriya Anusthan program, and future yoga teachers on their training program.

All programs are united by satsangs with the living master, Vishwaguru Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwaranandaji - like mala beads on the one thread that the Yoga in Daily Life System makes so special.

1U4A9163 E Vep satsang 29 7 2017 1U4A9128 E Vep satsang 29 7 2017 1U4A9168 E Vep satsang 29 7 2017