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Vishwaguruji's tour of New Zealand

New Zealand was again blessed by visit of Vishwaguruji at the beginning of May 2017.

The series of programmes started in Auckland where bhaktas from all over New Zealand and Australia gathered to welcome Vishwaguruji and to participate on his events in the Yoga in Daily Life ashram.

The main topic of this year's tour was 'Yoga & Ayurveda' as well as 'Meditation & Yoga Nidra'. Vishwaguruji spent two days in Auckland and gave three public lectures (satsangs), which included guided sessions of meditation and yoga nidra.

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After Auckland, the journey continued to Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, where Vishwaguruji spent nearly a whole week, giving many wonderful satsangs every day.

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For two days the group then travelled to Sri Devpuriji Ashram in Raumati Beach, an hour north of Wellington, where the topic of 'Yoga & Ayurveda' continued. Local YIDL teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner Dharamdevi, gave a short introduction to main principles of Ayurveda with many practical recommendations. Vishwaguruji then shared a few very simple techniques, which anyone can easily practice on a daily basis, to calm the mind and improve circulation in the body,

In between public events, the touring group joined Vishwaguruji for a few walks in the beautiful nature of New Zealand and also visited a newly acquired retreat property.

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When Vishwaguruji departed for India, the bhaktas and students in New Zealand were left feeling spiritually refreshed and blessed by the practical exploration of how to live a full and inspired life.

Vishwaguruji and group beach NZ