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Vishwaguruji's visit to Southern Bohemia

10-13 February 2017

People from Prachatice were waiting for a long 13 years to welcome His Holiness Vishwaguruji in their home town again, so welcomed him for weekend seminar with great joy.

Vishwaguruji was welcomed by the Mayor of the town Ing. Martin Maly together with Mgr. Hana Bolkova, the headmaster of Narodni Primary School, in which more than 200 children have been practising Yoga in Daily Life on weekly basis, for the last 11 years.

The children prepared a short performance for Vishwaguruji, showing what they have learnt during their yoga classes. They were very enthusiastic and happyto see Vishwaguruji.

The hall was full of people and the mayor of the town declared that he had never seen the hall so crowded.

Vishwaguruji blessed everyone not only with words of wisdom, but also with practical teaching of asanas, pranayam and Self-inquiry Meditation.

AUM 0802 mayor of Prachatice Ing. Martin Malyü AUM 0847 child singingAUM 0891 Sitachildren from Prachatice school performance AUM 0945 AUM 1060

After the seminar, Vishwaguruji continued on to the town of Ceske Budejovice, where he gave a public lecture, titled 'Yoga and Ayurveda - wellbeing for good health', at Clarion Congress Hotel. Vishwaguruji's event was held here after nearly 20 years and almost 300 people attended. 

Vishwaguruji spoke about the origin of the Universe, the wisdom of the Vedas, and the benefits of yoga and ayurveda for our health. He also appealed to the audience's compassion for the protection of all living beings. 

DSCN1904 DSCN1907

Vishwaguruji visited the YIDL Center in Ceske Budejovice the next morning, where many disciples had the opportunity to personally greet him. The gathering were endowed with further beautiful words of satsang, spiritual stories, and again Vishwaguruji encouraged all to protect other creatures by being vegetarian and not using cosmetics or other products that are tested on animals.

As Vishwaguruji left Southern Bohemia, the bhaktas felt blessed that they were parting with the love, light and hope that they will soon meet with him again.