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Advice from Satsang with Vishwaguruji in Bratislava, Slovakia

On 4 February 2017, during a visit to Slovakia, Vishwaguruji gave an inspiring lecture in the capital city of Bratislava.

With the mercy and wisdom of a great Master, Vishwaguruji shared some very simple and practical advice at the satsang, which was attended by many local yoga practitioners and international bhaktas, and webcast live on for aspirants around the world.

In his talk, Vishwaguruji advised which specific yoga techniques and principles can help us to create a strong healthy body, improve our memory, overcome fear, and find peace.

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Health of the Body, Mind and Soul

Stress is the cause of many diseases and illness in the body and mind. Nervousness, fear, uncertainty, feelings of loneliness etc. are stress responses that are created in our nervous system and our brain. Yoga in Daily Life and Ayurveda provide help for these problems, such as the following guidelines and techniques:

Proper eating habits

To keep the health of our body, our nourishment is fundamental. Eat sattvic organic food: fruits, vegetables, salad, nuts, milk – and less grains. After your meals, don't eat anything for a minimum of 6 hours. Only drink water. If you would like to be healthy and strong, eat only alpahar, high quality and small quantity. This is the best medicine for a healthy body, strong nerves, sound organs, strong muscles and joints.

Kriyas and Asanas

Four times a year do Shank Prakshalan Kriya. It is important to have the guidance of an experienced teacher when doing Shank Prakshalan for the first time.

Ashwini Mudra Kriya (contracting and relaxing the anus muscles) activates your digestion, and affects the whole body, through the nerves and brain. With this one kriya, our nervous system can become strong, memory will improve, fear and anxiety will go away, and your inner self will be full of peace. 

After eating, sit for 10 minutes in Vajrasan. This aids digestion and will keep the body, mind and memory in balance.


Pranayama is very important for maintaining good health and good memory. The brain is connected to Muladhar Chakra (root center), through Kundalini Shakti (divine energy). Practicing pranayama techniques enables prana to flow more freely through all the chakras and helps all the internal organs and nervous system to function properly.

Peace Mantra

We can master problems within our self through our yoga practices. However, problems occuring outside of us, we cannot always solve. These problems may lead us to feel unhappy, nervous, anxious – but we can pray. Prayers and chanting the Shanti mantra will help. Shanti means peace. Peace is within us. We cannot gain peace from outside. Shanti, peace, begins in our own hearts. When we use this mantra, inner silence and peace will arise. 

Summary of Advice from Vishwaguruji

Try to do this for a whole year:

  • eat only organic sattvic food
  • eat less – alpahar
  • avoid eating for 6 hours between meals
  • sit in Vajrasan for 10 minutes after eating
  • regularly practice pranayama
  • regularly practice Ashvini Mudra
  • do Shank Prakshalan four times a year, at the change of seasons.
  • pray and chant the Shanti mantra

This will create for you a Kaya Kalapa – ‘Fountain of Youth’ (German: ‘Jungbrunnen’) – for your body, brain, memory, and nerves, and you will achieve inner peace.