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Vishwaguruji brings the Divine Light and sunshine to Scotland

Between 2nd and 4th September 2016, Yoga in Daily Life Scotland welcomed Vishwaguruji, author of the Yoga in Daily Life system, for a weekend of talks and practice, focused on the subject of 'Yoga - for the Body and Beyond'.

The weekend began on Friday evening with a public talk at Greenside Parish Church, which is within walking distance of Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram. Vishwaguruji stressed the importance of discipline in our yoga practice, but not to become competitive, and reminded us that the precept of non-violence (ahimsa) also means treating our own bodies and hearts with loving care.

To finish the evening session, Vishwaguruji led a brief but powerful meditation - enhanced by the sacred spiritual atmosphere of the church.

Vishwaguruji Edinburgh Church walking 20160902 Vishwaguruji Edinburgh Church 20160902 Vishwaguruji Edinburgh Church 20160902 2

On Saturday morning and afternoon, Yoga Teachers from the Edinburgh and London Ashrams led asana practices for around fifty students at a packed Calton Centre, including some dedicated students from YIDL classes in Glasgow, who travelled to Edinburgh to take part in the program.

1U4A1185 3 9 2016 Edinburgh day  1U4A1198 3 9 2016 Edinburgh day

Vishwaguruji was warmly welcomed to the beautiful hall for his morning session. Before leading some simple, yet deeply effective asana practice from Level 1 of the Yoga in Daily Life System, he first explained the various meanings of the Sanskrit word asana - including: the position our body sits in; a cloth or yoga mat on which we sit; the place or chair we are sitting on; the bed on which we sleep.

1U4A1010 3 9 2016 Edinburgh 1U4A1012 3 9 2016 Edinburgh

1U4A1014 3 9 2016 Edinburgh 1U4A1057 3 9 2016 Edinburgh

1U4A1103 3 9 2016 Edinburgh 1U4A1081 3 9 2016 Edinburgh

The participants delighted in Vishwaguruji's joyful description of the many benefits and uses of the pranayam danda (stick), not only as support for the elbow during practice of nadi shodhan and anuloma viloma pranayam - alternate nostril breathing exercises.

1U4A1136 3 9 2016 Edinburgh 1U4A1128 3 9 2016 Edinburgh 1

1U4A1135 3 9 2016 Edinburgh 1U4A1068 3 9 2016 Edinburgh

In the Saturday evening session, Vishwaguruji continued to discuss the benefits of yoga, beyond the healthy body, to encompass mental health, social health and spiritual health. He reminded us that health is not everything, but everything is nothing without our health, and answered questions from the participants.

1U4A1121 3 9 2016 Edinburgh 1U4A1107 3 9 2016 Edinburgh

On Sunday, before leaving to continue his World Tour, Vishwaguruji held a more intimate satsang in the small, but warm and inviting Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram, with regular students and bhaktas from Scotland, plus those who had travelled long distances. The sun shone brightly into the room as Vishwaguruji shared stories and gave advice for specific health concerns.

1U4A1320 4 9 2016 Edinburgh day 1U4A1344 4 9 2016 Edinburgh day

During his stay in Edinburgh, Vishwaguruji was able to enjoy some walks in the city's beautiful parks and paid a visit to the World Peace Tree that he planted in 2010 with the now retired Rev. Andrew Anderson, who was from the very same Greenside Parish Church where the Friday evening public talk took place this weekend.

IMG 6647 VG Holyrood Park Edinburgh VG Holyrood Park Swans Edinburgh

Bhaktas from around the world joined together as one family around the Edinburgh World Peace Tree - originating from UK, Canada, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

1U4A1296 4 9 2016 Edinburgh peace tree

In all, over 80 yoga practitioners - both new and established, local and international - found inspiration and joy while taking part in the weekend's programme of activities with Vishwaguruji in Edinburgh, and all are looking forward to his next visit to Scotland in the near future.