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Divine Darshan in Strilky Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram

Strilky 10-12 June 2016

"As many times as we have Darshan, that much is our benefit. If there is any chance to have Darshan, we should not miss it, we should take the opportunity to have Darshan.

"Through Darshan many, many sins are removed… what we call 'God Realization', is to see God. We don’t say that we want to argue with God, we don’t say that we want to go to the coffee house with God, or for dinner. No, we want to see God. Because, just seeing is enough.

"When you see eye to eye, there is something flowing in and out. The eyes are such important organs in the body that two can unite through these. Through the eyes, your Atma is looking. Your Atma, your real Self, is looking through the eyes. And when the Gurudev or a Saint looks upon us… that is a shower of blessing, it’s like a rain of the blessing - Amrit (nectar) rain."

Excerpt from Vishwaguru Maheshwaranandaji's satsang about Darshan




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