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"Yoga for Healthy Life" seminar in London

UK bhaktas and many others from Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and the United States, warmly welcomed Vishwaguriji to London last weekend for a seminar titled, 'Yoga for Healthy Life'.

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Vishwaguriji talked about the similarities between yoga and sport. Both are a physical, mental and emotional practice, requiring a great deal of discipline. Yoga is a sport, but without any competition. Like football, we always have to keep our eye on the goal and stop our mind running around all over the place. The first wealth is health. So stay on the boat and don't jump out, because there are many sharks.

Vishwaguriji also explained the experience of Samadhi, when knower, knowledge and object merge into one. "When you are free from karma, you are 'doing' but you are not doing; and then have the ability to see the past, present and future."

All were reminded to take care about what we eat - the kind of food we are eating and where it comes from - this will go into us and we will become this. Different food creates different desires.

In Sunday's lecture, Vishwaguriji spoke about the importance of pranayama, and how love can change the quality of the pranayama. "God doesn't come without love. Where there is unconditional love, God will come."

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