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Vishwaguruji visits Republic of Georgia

Vishwaguruji has visited Georgia for the second time. He gave a Weekend Yoga Seminar at the Georgian capital Tbilisi, from 9 - 11 October 2015.

More than 100 people came to the seminar during the three days. Vishwaguruji gave five profound lectures about spiritual development, led sessions of yoga practice, and imparted guidance about very important issues of human life. The first lecture was dedicated to the roots of Yoga, and how it was developed in the caves of the Himalaya, which was very appropriate, as the seminar was held in the Yoga Cave of Yoga in Daily Life. Everybody was inspired by the asana class that Vishwaguruji led.

There were three beautiful walks with Vishwaguruji in the parks of Tbilisi. He visited the Ethnographic Museum of Georgia, where he saw examples of traditional houses from different parts of Georgia. He took the cable car ride over the rooftops of Tbilisi historical center and also strolled through the Botanical Garden of the Georgian capital.

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