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Vishwaguruji's one-day tour through Moravia, Czech Republic

On 1 September 2015, during the final week of the Summer Seminar in Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic, Vishwaguruji made a one-day tour through Moravia, the eastern region of the country.

Vishwaguruji took the opportunity to visit some long-time bhaktas of Yoga in Daily Life in places which he first visited in the 1970's, in the very early days of his being in Europe, when this area was part of Czechoslovakia.

It was a beautiful trip, full of happy memories of many programs, including the precious visits of Vishwaguruji's master Holy Guruji, Sri Swami Madhavanandaji, who very much liked this region and its devoted bhaktas.

Firstly Vishwaguruji visited his old disciple and former personal assistant in Strilky programs, Bhaktanand, in his beautiful garden.

Bhaktanand ashram 1Bhaktanand Ashram 2Bhaktanand Ashram 4

Vishwaguruji then travelled to Cesky Tesin, close to the border with Poland, to bless the vegetarian restaurant and its family of owners there; followed by a stop to bless the Yoga in Daily Life ashram in the nearby town of Trinec.

 Trinec 1

He also visited the Yoga in Daily Life ashram in Koprivnice, which is managed by Turiyanand and Jyoti, and inaugurated their dhuni (sacred fireplace).

Koprivnice 1 Koprivnice 3

The final stop on this blessed journey was the ashram in Olomouc, where many bhaktas waited for Vishwaguruji and were very happy to welcome him there again.

Olomouc 1