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Cultural evening and dinner at Ministry of AYUSH

In the evening of the first International Day of Yoga a select group of international and VIP guests were invited by the Minister of AYUSH (covering the holistic health practices of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) to a cultural evening and dinner. Vishwaguruji and the international delegates of Yoga in Daily Life were warmly welcomed to this event as honored guests.

240 232016 VishwaguruJi dr. NagendraJi AYUSH Minister Naik  AYUSH Secretary Sanyalwith AYUSH Minister Naik Vishwaguruji-dr-NagendrajiVishwaguruji with 2nd Minister Vishwaguruji  AYUSH Secretary SanyalVishwaguuJi explaining OM Ashram Project to official representatives of Guiness Record Committee

To begin the event, the Minister proudly presented two Guinness World Record certificates which had been won on this day: 1. with nearly 36,000 participants, the morning Yoga performance with Prime Minister Modiji was the biggest Yoga class ever to have taken place in a single location; and 2. with more than 80 nationalities represented it was the Yoga class with most participating nationalities ever in a single event. This was approved by Ernst & Young, an independent consultancy.

VishwaguruJi  AYUSH Minister Naik with 2 Guiness record Certificates Congratulating AYUSH Ministry team for two Guiness Records

Then followed an impressive performance of artistic Yoga exercises by a girls troop from Gujarat, and a performance of Indian dances of different styles and regions. Both were enthusiastically acclaimed by the audience.

214 203Gujarati School Yoga performance cultural program - India dances