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His Holiness Abunathswami Maheshwaranandaji in Prague

Prague, 12-14 September 2014

A Yoga in Daily Life Weekend Seminar took place in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic, from 12-14 September. His Holiness Abunathswami Maheshwaranandaji has been visiting this country for the past 42 years.

Also this time the hall was crowded as usual in Swamiji's programs, and many bhaktas from the “young generation” visited this seminar in Prague.

His Holiness Swamiji continued his topic from recent weeks, outlining a model of the functions of human existence.

The series of lectures contained one part about pranajivatmaatma and paramatma as the appearances of light and life; another group consisted of the ten indriyas (senses); then the mind (manas), intellect (buddhi) and consciousness (chitta) were described as appearances of temporary existence in the human – their products are thoughts, emotions and feelings (vrittis). The fourth group was about the one-sided activities of these thoughts and emotions that take on individual colours and operate as attachments (moha) and impurities (mal).

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