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Memories of Sri Devpuriji-Strilky 30 July 2014

Sri Devpuriji was called Abunathswami, that is the title of a saint or yogi who is connected to the holy place Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India. The Nath tradition was founded by Matsyendranath and further developed by Yogi Gorakshnath.

Sri Devpuriji was also an Avadhuta saint – one who does not identify with his body, mind or any names and forms. Such a person is held to be pure consciousness. Avadhuta saints play a significant role in the history and rejuvenation of tradition of Sat Sanatan Dharma.

 In Mount Abu there is still the gupha (cave) of Sri Devpuriji, in which His Holiness Swamiji stayed in overnight with Holy Guruji in 1966, while on a pilgrimage together. The area has become a worldly tourist attraction since Devpuriji's time, however the spiritual energy and radiation is still there.

Also there in Mount Abu is the gupha of Sati Anusuya, who was an saint in ancient times and the sister of Sage Kapilmuni, the presiding deity of Maha Nirvani Akhara. When Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva challenged Sati Anusuya with a test, she simply turned their forms into three babies and nursed them in her lap. Sati Anusuya was the mother of Dattatreya, the avatar saint who is the deity of the Juna Akhara.

In this way, two of the main Akharas, namely Juna and Maha Nirvani, are like cousins.

Bhaktas (spiritual followers) commemorated His Holiness Swamiji's birthday (according to the Vedic calendar). Nourishing all with soul-elevating words of wisdom, an informal family-like satsang with H.H. Swamiji took place during lunchtime in the garden of Strilky Ashram. Children received chocolate prashad and all participants were surprised with ice cream.