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Tirath to Ashrams July 2014

Every time after returning from a journey abroad, Swamiji is trying to visit all of the ashrams of his lineage. Swamiji has told us many times, and is showing us again and again, that he is not the Doer - he is just a messenger of Sri Devpuriji, Sri Mahaprabhuji and Holy Guruji.

Kailash ashram

This time also, after a short stay in Vishwa Guru Deep Ashram, Jaipur, Swamiji went to Sri Devpuriji Ashram in Sikar, where he paid his respects to the Samadhi of Paramyogeshwar Sri Devpuriji.

Kailash ashram 1 Kailash pipal tree

After satsang with bhaktas there, Swamiji continued his journey to the Dhuna, the place of Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji's Samadhi where he also paid respects and stayed overnight in Shiv Bhag Ashram in Bari Khatu. Here people still remember Bhagawan Shri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji with fondness and they were very happy to listen to words of wisdom from Gurudev.

Kathu satsang 1 Kathu banyan tree

As always, group have completed spiritual journey in our home, Om Ashram in Jadan with pranam to the Holy Guruji's Mahasamadhi.

Gurujis temple 1