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The words of the Master

Swamiji 2


Dhyana mulam Gurur murtim
Puja mulam, Gurur padam
Mantra mulam, Gurur vakyam
Moksha mulam, Gurur kripa

The root of meditation is in the form of the Guru
The roots of worship are the Lotus Feet of the Guru
The roots of the Mantra are the words of the Guru
The root of liberation is the grace of the Guru


Wake up, grow up!

I am you and you are me. However you think and feel only with the body. These body attachments separate us. We are much closer to each other than what you can imagine. There is no distance except that you are thinking "far". As long as this thought of distance is in your consciousness your suffering will never cease. You feel alone, separated, lost. I am what you are, too, and what I am, you are. You are not separate from me. The brightness of the Self is omnipresent and omniscient. It is everywhere in every atom.

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Be the light

You should be like a flame in the world and whoever comes to you shall get light from you. Let flow the river of Love. When you come somewhere, light and love shall come, too. Embrace the unhappy ones with your mercy. Bestow your blessing upon them. The blessing and mercy dwells within us. Be merciful to yourself and all others.

Mantra and Prana

A mantra is not sound, but in fact the origin of sound. And sound originates from radiating energy. So we can say that radiating energy is the source of sound. Sound can create good or bad energy. Sound can create wars or stop wars. Sound can make you happy or unhappy. When someone tells you good things you are happy, and when someone shouts you are unhappy. It can be a blessing as well as a curse. The way in which you utilize and filter sound determines how it will influence prana.

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Bhajans are the real teachings of the Saints

Bhajans are the real teachings of Saints. When teachings are present in the Bhajans one cannot manipulate these words. Poems and Bhajans contain the real teachings and these are the words of the great masters, Guruvakya. Listening to Bhajans has great benefit, even if one does not understand them. They have an influence upon our spirituality, on our health and they remove obstacles because of their positive energy, positive vibration. Like when you put on a light in a dark room, the darkness disappears. Similarly, when Bhajans are sung, the darkness of karmas disappears. Therefore, in one’s house or flat, it is advisable to play the music of Bhajans. What kind of music one plays, that kind of atmosphere will be there. Some music awakens certain feelings and creates more karmas and there is other music, Bhajans, which purifies the karma and your inner self feels happy.”

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