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The words of the Master


Darshan-1 …Bharama Jal Me Phase He, Prabhu Vega Sudhi Lena…

Itna To Karana Guruji, Darshana Jaldi Dena

Itna To Karana Dayalu, Darshana Jaldi Dena…

“Lord, Gurudev, be merciful…at least that much…give me quickly Darshan again. Bharama Jal Me Phase He… I am caught by the net of the doubts, and complexes. Lord, take care of me, quickly. Be merciful and give me Darshan, again and again.”

As many times we have Darshan, that much is our benefit. If there is any chance to have a Darshan, we should not miss it, we shall take the opportunity to have a Darshan.

Through the Darshan many, many sins are removed…what we call God Realisation, to see the God. We don’t say that we want to argue with the God, we don’t say that we want to go to the coffee house with the God, or for a dinner, no, we want to see God. Because, just seeing is enough.

When you see eye to eye, there is something flowing in and out. The eyes are such important organs in the body that two unites through this. Through the eyes your Atma is looking. Your Atma, your real Self is looking through the eyes. And when the Gurudev or a Saint looks on us…that is a shower of blessing, it’s like a rain of the blessing, Amrit rain.

That’s why Holy Guruji said in one bhajan – Prakash Punj Amrit Ke Sagar, Sri Deepa Hari Mahadani Heprakash punjprakash is the light, punj is like a bunch or like a sun, the source of the light… Prakash Punj Amrit Ke Sagar – and ocean of the nectar...Sri Deepa Hari Mahadani He – Mahaprabhuji is the greatest giver. So, when the Saint, the Gurudev gazes on you, it is that energy that penetrates through and through. One can feel in the heart the purification. Energy awakes in each and every blood cell. It means it is going through the process of the purification, and than again and again there’s a longing to have the Darshan.

So, Bharam Jaal is very big net of the confusion and doubts…so – Darshan! Why we have photos in house? It’s to see, Darshan. You have photo of your father, mother, grandmother, grandfather… When you look to them you are happy.

That is Darshan which gives you, which transmits the happiness, the relations. So with which feeling you see, that feeling awakes in you. Or, what kind of object you see, that kind of feeling awakes. When you see the grandfather or grandmother, what kind of feeling awakes? And when you see your son or daughter, what kind of feeling awakes? So, your Atma knows what relation you have, and that wants to come nearer and nearer.

Darshan. Darshan is the biggest Prashad. Ashirvaad, blessing is the Prashad. Through the Darshan many sins can be removed, and many things can be removed from your destiny. As long as you have Darshan, negative energy cannot attack, and constantly the nectar, ambrosia, of the blessing is flowing. So, either you have a Darshan of a living Master, or you have Darshan of the Master who has passed away… there is energy, and that flows there.