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The words of the Master

Wake up, grow up!

We have experienced much in our lives and finally now we have grown up and have become awake inwardly. We have become seekers of God. Therefore say to yourself: "Lay down your childish habits and wake up at last."

Live a happy life. – The most beautiful, most fortunate life is a life in the community. A lonely, "individualistic" life is sad. Therefore Mahabrabhuji said: "I miss the Satsang company, I miss my guru brothers and sisters.”


However some people like only certain persons, all others are "red hanky" for them. The problem is in yourself. Don't think that no one likes you, that others are envious and jealous. The mistake is not in others, but always only within ourselves! This is because you want everything for yourself. When someone does not want to follow your suggestion you feel offended. This is not the aim of spirituality, or of a yogi, or of an awakened person, but of a person who is egotistical, fearful, greedy and angry. These people are like the honey spoon, which stays on top of the honey but does not know how the honey tastes.

Live! Enjoy your life! Live with your friends, share with your friends. And what can be nicer than to be with your yoga brothers and sisters? To spend one or two weeks together and to practise and meditate together, to have beautiful satsangs, to enjoy the nature and calmness – even so, some never feel fortunate.

This is my only prayer to Mahaprabhuji. I wish for myself nothing other than my disciples live in harmony. At Gurupurnima, at my birthday and at Christmas I wish myself only one thing: harmony among my disciples. This would be my second enlightening level. This has never happened to God Krishna, to God Rama, to Jesus. However maybe I will succeed in this and for how long I shall be waiting "only the wind knows".

This does not regard only your yoga group, but also your family. It is important that you remain in harmony also with your family, with your partner, your colleagues and friends.

Thoughts have a stronger effect than physical acts. Our ego, our proudness has a stronger effect than a slap. A slap hurts only once and the pain goes away soon, but a person who is egotistical and arrogant, afflicts all lifelong. Many people are full of anxiety to return home from work and many women have fear when their husbands come back home.

Doing only Yoga exercises will not change your nature. You must decide yourself to change. You can make a cat vegetarian, but as soon as he sees a mouse, his nature comes out and he runs after it. Although you live with holy people, although you practise every day, you have not changed your inner qualities, your characteristics. You like studying philosophy and Sanskrit - but in this way you will not obtain liberation. Only when you practise love, understanding, goodness - this way will lead you closer to God.

A poem says: ”If you only read books you will never get wise not even in a hundred years. In the moment when you experience ‘love’, immediately you will belong to the wise ones."

To be offended, to be jealous, greedy, egotistical - this does not change so quickly. On the contrary, the more one practises, the more these characteristics come out. Therefore just as the mud whirls and rises to the surface when you mix it with water, so do some people become hypocritical "self-made Gurus". At this point the unenlightened reveals himself, that is, he thinks he does not need a master and affirms he is a master himself.

Keep away from your spirit the nettles of destructive thoughts and the thorns of angry words. When you make other people happy, you will receive happiness yourself. As soon as you cause problems to others, you will also receive problems.

Mahaprabhuji's teaching is Advaita (unity) - to understand all the four yoga paths as unity: Karma, Bhakti, Raja and Gyana. You cannot go on one Yoga path separately. You cannot do Karma Yoga without Bhakti, as you cannot do it without Raja (discipline) and without Gyana (knowledge). Karma, Bhakti, Raja and Gyana cannot be separated in a yogi, just as we cannot separate any elements from our body. We need all five elements: Akasha (space), Agni (fire), Jala (water), Vayu (air) and Prithvi (earth). If any of these elements are missing then the body can no longer live.

Our mind is hungry. This hunger brings us always back in this life. We are hungry for praise, fame, wealth, beauty, enjoyments … but the hunger of our soul can only be satisfied forever through Gyana, knowledge. Gyana Amrit, the nectar of knowledge makes you immortal – compared to the "sweetness" of worldly life, which only makes you diabetic!

In Samsara (world) you get milk mixed with water (reality and unreality). Your intellect, your heart should be "Paramhansa" (divine swan), who drinks only milk and leaves out water. The world is not empty, it is full of flowers, good people, Satsang, wisdom and knowledge. Open your eyes, your heart and your consciousness and you will see it. Don't be like a fly always going around what is dirty. Be like a bee who looks for flowers and takes the honey from them, even from a poisonous plant she knows how to get the nectar.

Enjoy life! When I speak of joy, I do not mean the worldly joys like eating and drinking, money, properties, lovers, sexual relations. They are not joys. On the contrary after a while they become burdens. One day they will bring sorrows, more sorrows than the pleasures you once obtained from them. Don’t depend on these things but look for the eternal joy.

From here to Brahmaloka there are many beauties to enjoy. You do not have to renounce to this joy because you are not any more the one who enjoys the joy, you are joy itself.

Don't think of your body, don't think of your feelings - think of your reality. Who are you? You are not what people are praising or criticizing. You are your Self. Recognize your Self - this is the answer to all your questions, the remedy to all your suffering, the aim of all your searching. Your Self is everywhere, like oil in seeds, like fragrance in flowers.

The world seems empty, nevertheless it is complete because you are in it. Your Self is the eternal, divine Self, which is everywhere, infinite and unchangeable as the blue sky above.

I am you and you are me. However you think and feel only with the body. These body attachments separate us. We are much closer to each other than what you can imagine. There is no distance except that you are thinking "far". As long as this thought of distance is in your consciousness your suffering will never cease. You feel alone, separated, lost. I am what you are, too, and what I am, you are. You are not separate from me. The brightness of the Self is omnipresent and omniscient. It is everywhere in every atom.

Krishna said to Arjuna: "Give up all this Prapanch (worldly nonsense) and surrender yourself to Me. Then all your sins will be forgiven" (Bhagavad Gita, Kap. 18)

This is another Yoga. This is what we are looking for, the reason why we have come here. Try to understand this reality and to "digest" it. Collect the nectar, not the poison. Only you can help yourself. Only you yourself can do it. In order to be full, you have to eat yourself. In order to understand, you have to digest yourself.