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Prayer in LjubljanaRecognising the urgent need to promote and develop awareness of world peace Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda has initiated worldwide Interreligious Dialogues and World Peace Prayers with representatives of world religions and public figures, and takes an active part in international congresses and conferences.



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  • International fund-raising activities for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. April 2015
    Vishwaguruji conveyed a donation of 21 Lakh INR of Yoga in Daily Life International to H. E. Smt. Vasundara Raje, Chief Minister of Rajasthan through the Rajasthan Chief Minister Relief Fund.
  • Expert Speaker in the "International Conference on Yoga and Holistic Health", organized by the Government of India, Ministry of AYUSHon the occasion of IDY - 1st International Day of Yoga, New Delhi 21-22 June, 2015
  • World Peace Conference at UN Vienna International Centre (VIC), Vienna, 2 Oct. 2015, and Strilky 2-4 Oct. 2015 - "Yoga - A Path to Non-Violence and World Peace".
  • World Peace Tree planting in Hodmezovasarhely (near Szeged) Hungary with Mayor of the town, 24 Oct. 2015
  • Presiding over International Conference of Diabetes 'DIACON' 2015. 20-22 Nov., Ahmedabad, India.
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