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The words of the Master

God speaks through us

What does it mean when God speaks through us? It means that you get a duty to do something that is of benefit to all; to protect all creatures, the environment and humankind; to serve them by helping them to solve their problems.

When you do it from your heart, as a volunteer, you are already an instrument of God. God works quicker than we work. It is maybe not easy to be in His hands. It is like being in the fire. You may have your limitations, you may be tired, but in that minute extra energy comes and you will be able to go on. You will get power again. You don’t feel tired, you don’t feel exhausted. And there comes a point when you enjoy it. That means that now God is working through you consciously.

Now you are a true channel of God's love. Now His love is flowing through you to serve, to love, to help.

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