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The words of the Master



The 7th full moon of the year is celebrated as Guru Purnima day. It is the beginning of the spiritual year when a new year of knowledge begins. Guru Purnima is the day of the Guru, the highest principle in the world. It is the celebration of wisdom and knowledge.

Gu = darkness, ignorance and suffering, ru = light, knowledge and bliss. When darkness disappears and light appears. All of us mostly live in darkness, and sometimes a spark comes into our mind which enlightens again the darkness.

Guru Purnima is the day when the first sunray reached the earth and life began. Light removed the darkness. On Guru Purnima day you can see the sun setting in the west and at the same time the full moon rising in the east. The divine principle of Guru tattva removes the darkness and illuminates everything. Guru Purnima is the festival of Light and all festivals in the world which are connected with light are coming from Guru Purnima. That light, that flame is Parabrahma, the Supreme. Without that Light, the darkness of ignorance cannot be removed. Today we pray to the masters. Without their blessing liberation is not possible.

On Guru Purnima the devotees come to the master with their offerings. The bhakta offers to the master whatever he has got during the whole year, all spiritual fruits. Like a farmer who is harvesting the crops and brings them home, the devotee shows the fruits for which he got the seeds at the last Guru Purnima. Full of joy, he offers them to the master's feet. But some come with empty hands. Unfortunately, their seeds did not grow. They forgot to give water or some insects attacked.

Here is karma bhumi, the field where you have to work and cultivate your seeds. Today a new sadhana begins for you and the same seed will be planted into your heart for a new attempt.

Guru Purnima is also the day on which we remember the great and wise saint Ved Vyasa, who is said to have written the Vedas. Today we celebrate his birthday. The gadi (holy throne) of the master is known as Vyas Gadi. Who sits on this place is venerated because of sitting on the place of Maharishi Vyasa. He was a great God-realised saint, trikaldarshi (knower of past, present, and future). He knew the whole universe. He was "one without second". At the same time, he knew all. He is the representative of sanatan dharma. This is the adi anadi dharma (eternal religion). All religions are man-made, but adi anadi dharma is not made by men, it the true and everlasting dharma.

You should be like a flame in the world, such that whoever comes to you shall get light from you. Let flow the River of Love. When you come somewhere, light and love should come, too. Embrace the meek and unhappy ones with your mercy. Bestow your blessing upon them. The blessing and mercy dwell within us. Be merciful to yourself and all others. Don't think negative thoughts, don't speak negatively. Think and speak positively about everyone, that's your mercy. God does not speak negatively about anybody because his nature is pure grace and mercy. But from you often comes out only rubbish.

Gurudev dwells within you, but in a sleeping state. Bring your candle to me, I will touch it and enlighten it. But in your candle is a lot of dust and your wick is wet. What is this dust? Hate, jealousy, anger. Sometimes the mind becomes so negative that it turns into an enemy of yourself. At least you should be kind to yourself. Put all negative thinking and doubts out of your mind. Only you can help yourself, no one else can help you. Purify yourself. Spirituality means cleanliness, purity. Concentrate on the sound of your mantra and let no negative vibration enter into your mind anymore.

Think over now what you did in the whole past year: how much you practiced, how many good things you did, how many times you were angry and lazy and jealous. Make a tally today and count how many white and black spots you have. Offer them both to Gurudev. Take a new sankalpa (intention), that from today onwards you will do your sadhana better, you will no longer be angry, jealous or greedy. You will love all. If you want to be happy then do so. Otherwise, you will not be happy. You have been born happy, but will die unhappy. If you like to have a "happy ending" then purify your consciousness. Only you can do this, nobody else. Today you have that chance, the beginning of new year.

I pray to Sri Alakhpuriji, Sri Devpuriji, Mahaprabhuji and Holy Guruji to bestow their Divine Blessing on you, to bless you with health, long life and spiritual development, to guide your each and every step, each and every thought, action and word, towards the Divine; that into your buddhi and mind may enter only pure, positive and spiritual thoughts, towards all creatures and humanity, too. I wish you a very long life, that you may enjoy many satsangs in your spiritual family.

I bless you. May the Light reach you wherever you are.

I pray for the entire humankind and whole of Creation, to our beloved Satgurudev, the Light of Lights, Svayambhu. The resonance, of the whole universe, of all creation, is his heart beat. Listen to his heart beat. I pray to all saints and holy incarnations to bless you with light, love, and wisdom.