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The words of the Master

Your words are very important

Śabda means the word. One word can be sweet like nectar, and that one word can be so beautiful, it can make you a friend, it opens your heart. One word can make a friendship that will last your whole life, or it can make you an enemy. One word can be poisonous, and that one word can start a war. So śabda, those kinds of words you will speak and say, they will lead you in your life.

Only saying: “I love you”, “God is love”, “Everything is beautiful, everything is love”, “Surrender to the love” – without meaning it, is like water bubbles. It is like a seed without oil; it is only on the surface. In the heart it is different. So one word is very important.

ŚABDA SANEHĪ MHĀRĪ, JĀTRĀ MHĀRA HELĪ – those who like my words, those who understand me, they are my caste. Caste means my friend – the one who understands me.

AUR NA ĀVE MHĀRE DĀY, DĀY MHĀRĪ HELĪ – the rest I do not like, they gossip too much, and gossip is not the words of purity.

Mahaprabhuji Mangilalji small

This bhajan is written by Swami Shivanandaji, disciple of Sri Mahaprabhuji from Sri Alakhpuriji Siddha Peeth Parampara: “With words we can give; with words we can take; with words we can liberate; and with words we can realize Brahman.”

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