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The words of the Master

Holy Guruji's living wisdom

Holy Guruji's satsang -  Without sadhana there is no perfection

OM salutation to Vishwa Deep Paramatma.
Salutation to adept Yogis who constantly
meditate and receive nectar,
To that Divine Sound of Om,
that brings all fulfillment,
my salutation again and again.

That Supreme Truth,
Divine Self is in the form of OM.
And from its threefold illusion (Maya) the whole universe is created.
That Supreme is One,
and the entire visible world has its substance in it.

That One is Paramatma,
it is Brahman, it is the Self - Atma,
it is OM, and it is Vishwa Deep - Sri Mahaprabhuji.

Who do we call Vishwa Deep - Cosmic Light?
The moon, stars, fire, lightning,
and anything that gives light to all,
Gives .... to all.
Out of its essence the whole creation is made.

And that which is above mind and intellect
that we call Vishwa Deep Paramatma.

Tulsidas said:
If you want to have light both inside and outside your house - the body and mind -
place a lamp of the Mantra on the doorstep - your tongue.
Inside, within your Self, and outside,
both are illuminated by the light of the Supreme Self, OM.

So, that Ram, that Deep, that Supreme Self - Paramatma is on your tongue.
Always repeat the Mantra.
From Mantra repetition that Divine Cosmic Light will awaken,
and that OM will manifest within you.

You will become OM yourself.
Then for you there is no more rebirth,
no more suffering in the world,
no any disturbances or pain.
You will realise your Self in all.

And as long as that is not realised,
you will not be free from suffering.
When the suffering come to the end,
then that Supreme Bliss,
Supreme Happiness
will be established in you.

That is achieved through Sadhana - spiritual practice.
Without Sadhana there is no perfection.
To learn the right practice for that realisation,
only the Gurudev can teach you.

The true, competent Guru.