The words of the Master


We should know that we are creators of problems, but when we put blame on someone else, we create double the problem for ourselves. If we except it, acknowledge it, then the problem is finished. At least it will not proceed further. Therefore, accept within yourself that you are the guilty one.

The best is to clear up the problems in your life. There is additional guidance and support always in your favour, and it will be always in your favour, but you have to work for it. One is the mantra "OM Sri Ganeshaya Namaha". When you get up in the morning and open your eyes, you should say it before stepping out of the bed. Try it every day and you will see the results. This should be a part of your awakening ritual.

What is the translation of that mantra?

OM is the Universe, the Universal sound, the resonance of the entire Universe - all elements, stars, planets, visible and invisible elements. Nothing is higher than OM.

Sri means wealth – material and spiritual wealth. Sri also means beauty, harmony, and success.

Gan means all spiritual elements, all helpers of Shiva, and all incarnations.

Ishwara is God, the Almighty - there is no higher than that.

The best would be to have a picture of Ganesha in your room that you see as soon as you open your eyes.  


After saying "Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha" you say your gurumantra and another beautiful mantra "Matri Devo Bhava".

Matri is mother; mother is God, Mother Earth. It means: Mother, allow me to step on you, forgive me and allow me. Mother, lead me to good places, balance my steps. Mother, may I always walk in the direction of your teachings; protect me.

And then you go and touch the water. Do you know what the water element means? Did you ever say: "God, thank you" when you have touched the water? When you shower yourself, you can repeat your mantra, like doing abisheka and  you can repeat the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.

These are things which help the human psyche to accept. Then automatically problems will be solved. Just those two or three things will make your life easy, beautiful, comfortable, and without any fear. This protects us from doing wrong things.

With such feeling, whenever you leave your home, say again the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.

When you are outside of your house, what kind of thinking you should have?  The Rishis gave us a beautiful mantra:





Which means: all should be happy.

What great thinking. Now, if you wish that, how can you wish someone to be unhappy? Then you can't make anyone unhappy. If you do, than it is against your principle.

When you move in the world with this kind of feeling in your thoughts, you have a beautiful radiance.

This is spiritual law, spiritual guidance, and if you remain within the frame of this, you will be able to live happily and relaxed and many problems will go away.

Sri Ganeshji in Jadan