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As usual, Vishwaguruji's schedule in India is full of various events, conferences, satsangs, visiting schools, hospitals, humanitarian organizations, temples and most importantly, darshan for devotees who do not have the opportunity to see him often.


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Vishwagurji made a pilgrimage to South India, which included Bangalore, Mumbai and the world-renowned temple town of Dharmasthala in Karnataka. Every day in the main temple, thousands of pilgrims are served with a free meal. It is probably one of the largest kitchens in the world, designed to feed 30 to 70 thousand pilgrims per day. The kitchen was featured on a program about 'Mega-kitchens' on the National Geographic Channel, as one of the most efficient and resourceful mass kitchens in India.


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On 7 February 2020, Vishwaguruji was warmly welcomed to the state of Gujarat, in the city of Ahmedabad. Literally thousands of people paid a visit to the saint, seeking satsang, darshan and blessing. His visit to Ahmedabad University and the seminar titled "Yoga and Spiritual Science“, organized by the Science Department of Gujarat University in Ahmadabad, was a great joy for all who participated.


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